me, recording a podcast: it's fine, we'll just edit out that part later

me, editing: you Fool. you absolute Dingus,

having to get creative cloud for school is great because now I have an excuse to pay 30 bucks a month to make bad memes

wow all my places to be social are dead right now
i really need more people to talk to
So how exactly does html content work on fedi and what are the limitations 🤔

How can i add embed code to my toots, i like alternative colour schemes that match album art on sc embedds, which i just learned i can do on here, better than :birdsite:

is back1 Sorry I forgot last week! 😂

Gammer - THE DROP (Fransis Derelle Remix)

What you waiting for, mothwerfucking listen! I'm not that funny really, lol. when is MX coming to Raspberry Pi, Raspbian is based on Debian after all...

I’m bored again, this is like my place - Mastodon-When I is bored. So tuesdays are now where you say the best thing in tech from the last week. Mine is the fact that JailbreakME Unified is a fake, LOL

A reminder that this Black Friday, rather than putting on an enormous sale, @itchio will be donating their entire revenue share from all sales on the site to a pair of LGBTQ+ and climate change charities

That feeling when you were pretty sure you were going to have to rewrite a bunch of horribly ugly UI layout code, but then you find you can just swap two lines and it fixes everything.

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