this pedal is 1) really pretty and 2) sounds really good??? if I collected effects pedals I'd definitely get this one for the a e s t h e t i c

I don't know why YouTube recommended this song to me but they know what's up

hmm, not liking this as much as I liked PBVSGR. might just be that first listen disillusionment though

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LB: this concert made me want a minimoog so bad oh no

LB: this concert made me want a minimoog so bad oh no

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"I think I'll try and get to bed at a reasonable time tonight"

*opens ableton*

@zune Live your best life imo, blast that bubblegum pop

The Moog Sirin looks pretty neat, it's based on the Taurus engine but with a larger frequency range (which was my one major complaint with the Taurus III I borrowed last year)

only 2 weeks until the new Panda Bear album comes out!

it's a good thing I don't have a modular setup already because holy crap erica synths

I was trying to play around with jazzy chord voicings but ended up sampling mmm watcha say for... some reason

I'm still leaning towards the behringer neutron but 👀

teenage engineering is going a modular pocket operator... oh no my money

@Food aw thank you so much! I don't have a full album yet but I have some EPs from my other project at!

I make basically everything in Ableton Live but I use GarageBand on occasion as well.

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