Why did this festival sell out already, I love everyone who's doing a set 😫

I love geotic because it's basically owl city if owl city was as good as 13 year old me thought it was

Our hackathon game sort of fell apart at the last minute, but I'm still really proud of the music I put together for it. Give it a listen! soundcloud.com/connordotfun/pr

this pedal is 1) really pretty and 2) sounds really good??? if I collected effects pedals I'd definitely get this one for the a e s t h e t i c


I don't know why YouTube recommended this song to me but they know what's up youtu.be/gzodB0Sp6ZI

hmm, not liking this as much as I liked PBVSGR. might just be that first listen disillusionment though

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LB: this concert made me want a minimoog so bad oh no

LB: this concert made me want a minimoog so bad oh no

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"I think I'll try and get to bed at a reasonable time tonight"

*opens ableton*

@zune Live your best life imo, blast that bubblegum pop

The Moog Sirin looks pretty neat, it's based on the Taurus engine but with a larger frequency range (which was my one major complaint with the Taurus III I borrowed last year)


only 2 weeks until the new Panda Bear album comes out!

it's a good thing I don't have a modular setup already because holy crap erica synths

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