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The musical artist I'm digging right now is @connor

Please check out their music and it's a link on their profile on mastodon

I'm so happy listening now

it's the nerdiest synth thing ever but it... definitely works?

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actually can't believe chrome sparks did an emotional song called attack sustain release

of _course_ I'm the kind of person who'd be into music in the genre 'wave'. I'm basically a parody of myself at this point

me: yeah I'm pretty into experimental pop and folk right now
spotify: now THAT sounds like a guy who knows how to PARTY

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My Spotify is suggesting "Get turnt and party!" playlists like I'm not just listening to Bon Iver and Radiohead on loop

Welcome to all our new users! Nice to have you. :)

I really liked 22, a million but didn't really check out much else that Bon Iver did, but holy crap his self-titled album is so magical

alternating between listening to the pure moods album and deathpact is an interesting time

Made a little glitchy DnB thing with a sample from a Microsoft commercial

Not sure if I'll actually develop this more, but it was fun to make!

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tired: all other music ever
wired: Reaganomics by Lemon Demon

...turns out there aren't really that many new features for the lite version. 😞

It sure looks a lot nicer though!

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Apparently :live: 10 Lite came out! Excited to play with the new features. 😁

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