Apparently :live: 10 Lite came out! Excited to play with the new features. 😁

Lyrics writers:

While I know there's no one way to write lyrics, do you all prefer to think topic first, or words first?

Adding looping to all the tracks that I have uploaded to my website. You're welcome/I'm not sorry.

When I like a song I want to listen to it endlessly and it's my site, so....

It is really nice having a computer that lets :live: stretch its legs. I'm rarely above 25% on the CPU load meter!

Working on music after too damn long. It’s not even for corporate // astrology, but that’s ok!

I’m excited to be doing music with my partner!

I'm listening to the songs I've written after taking 2 months away from them and they really hold up?

I usually find distance from what I do makes me find all of the flaws, but I am still just as fond of them now when I made them. 💖💖💖

Whoops, I have been so very absent because this semester got away from me.

The next few weeks should see a marked uptick in creative work!

mastodon seems fairly tech/programmer/web dev focused overall, so a lot of what y'all post is totes lost on me, but if anyone wants to talk old synths, drum machines or samplers from the 80s, MIDI, analog everything, cassettes, sequencers etc. that's my shit right there

When in doubt, but a drum loop on that is 1.5-2 bpm faster than your chosen tempo.

Been listening to Drab Majesty, DIIV, and Ariel Pink non-stop. 💖💖💖

@connor no worries. Thank you so much for putting this instance together!

Did a TON of work on my other music project. I'll have a website and masto account for it up and running soon!

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