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Did a TON of work on my other music project. I'll have a website and masto account for it up and running soon!

I haven't bought my domain yet, and there's lots of unfinished links (to other, also uncreated pages), but IT'S A START!


I have had Duran Duran's "Shelter" stuck in my head for two weeks.

It's a great song, so I'm not sad, but I do wish my brain would change it up a bit.

Welp, .gy as a tld is out because I can't justify $50 for a tld. Though maaaaaaaaaaybe.

Is there a consensus on drawing vs playing synth notes?

I like doing both, but I’m fairly new and wondered what other folks enjoy doing.

I think I have no experienced every possible annoying contingency with my recording set up.

Now to make lots of music and put out lots of drm-free audio files and physical cassettes!

Whoops, turns out I don’t know how to use my 2i4. Crisis averted!

Does anyone have advice on how to get :live: to play back through both headphones?

I can get sound through both monitor speakers no problem, but not my right headhpone. ☹️☹️☹️

Today is a real "All Simon LeBon all the time" kind of day

Thanks to @connor i have discovered city pop?!?

Words cannot describe how happy I am right now.

All I’ve done is bleep bloop through hundreds of keyboard sounds. I forgot I was supposed to be making music somewhere in there.


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