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Whoops, I have been so very absent because this semester got away from me.

The next few weeks should see a marked uptick in creative work!

mastodon seems fairly tech/programmer/web dev focused overall, so a lot of what y'all post is totes lost on me, but if anyone wants to talk old synths, drum machines or samplers from the 80s, MIDI, analog everything, cassettes, sequencers etc. that's my shit right there

When in doubt, but a drum loop on that is 1.5-2 bpm faster than your chosen tempo.

Been listening to Drab Majesty, DIIV, and Ariel Pink non-stop. 💖💖💖

Did a TON of work on my other music project. I'll have a website and masto account for it up and running soon!

I haven't bought my domain yet, and there's lots of unfinished links (to other, also uncreated pages), but IT'S A START!


I have had Duran Duran's "Shelter" stuck in my head for two weeks.

It's a great song, so I'm not sad, but I do wish my brain would change it up a bit.

Welp, .gy as a tld is out because I can't justify $50 for a tld. Though maaaaaaaaaaybe.

Is there a consensus on drawing vs playing synth notes?

I like doing both, but I’m fairly new and wondered what other folks enjoy doing.

I think I have no experienced every possible annoying contingency with my recording set up.

Now to make lots of music and put out lots of drm-free audio files and physical cassettes!

Whoops, turns out I don’t know how to use my 2i4. Crisis averted!

Does anyone have advice on how to get :live: to play back through both headphones?

I can get sound through both monitor speakers no problem, but not my right headhpone. ☹️☹️☹️

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